Poster: P6- Kidney Posters
Saturday March 25, 2023 from 18:00 to 19:15
Zilker 1-2
  • P6.1 Monitoring Torque Teno Virus viral loads in pediatric renal transplant recipients: A pilot study
    Jaythoon Hassan, Ireland
  • P6.2 Single center experience of surveillance biopsies in pediatric kidney transplants
    Mr. Nathaniel Zona, United States
  • P6.3 New onset diabetes after transplant in a single pediatric kidney transplant center
    Dr. Anjali Khanna-Farber, United States
  • P6.4 Post Kidney Transplant cardiovascular proactive screening- does it make a difference?
    Miss Louise Kipping, United Kingdom
  • P6.5 Post Kidney Transplant cardiovascular service – proactive screening in paediatric recipients
    Miss Louise Kipping, United Kingdom
  • P6.7 Influence of migration status on practice and clinical course of pediatric kidney transplantation
    Dr. Sara Testa, Italy
  • P6.8 Graft loss due to isolated Angio-invasive Aspergillosis of Kidney Allograft following Normothermic Machine Perfusion of Neonatal En-bloc kidney after Uncontrolled Circulatory Determination of Death
    Dr. Devprakash Choudhary, India
  • P6.9 A single center experience with MicKey button vesicostomy in pediatric kidney transplant recipients
    Mrs. Brittney Grabowski, United States
  • P6.10 Are hemodynamic targets related to renal-injury biomarker excretion during pediatric kidney transplantation?
    Mrs. Elisabeth Marlies Cornelissen, Netherlands
  • P6.11 Early impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK paediatric kidney transplantation
    Dr. Helen E. Jones, United Kingdom
  • P6.12 Obinutuzumab as Adjunct Therapy for Recurrent FSGS after Kidney Transplantation
    Dr. Agnieszka Swiatecka-Urban, United States
  • P6.13 Utilization of subcutaneous immunoglobulin G in antibody mediated rejection treatment
    Dr. Katherine E. Twombley, United States
  • P6.14 Short-term renal allograft outcome in adolescents with nephropathic cystinosis: a single center longitudinal study
    Dr. Kiran Upadhyay, United States
  • P6.15 Post-transplant infections following induction with ATG in an emerging pediatric renal transplant program
    Dr. Indira Agarwal, India
  • P6.16 Treatment of refractory acute rejection with local graft irradiation in pediatric kidney transplant patients: A case series
    Dr. David K. Hooper, United States
  • P6.17 Dynamic changes in cell free-DNA: A clinical case report utilizing dd-cfDNA for allograft surveillance
    Dr. German Lozano, United States
  • P6.18 Clinical characteristics associated with metabolic acidosis in pediatric kidney transplant recipients
    Dr. Stella Kilduff, United States
  • P6.19 Thrombotic microangiopathy after pediatric renal transplantation: report of 2 cases
    Dr. Veronica A. Bravo Diaz, Argentina
  • P6.20 Decanting Enteral Feeds
    Mrs. Nicolle L. Quinn, United States
  • P6.22 Utilization of dd-cfDNA for survelliance in a teenaged pediatric population
    Dr. German Lozano, United States
  • P6.23 Observational Case Series on Utilizing C1 Esterase Inhibitor for Prevention of Delayed Graft Function In Pediatric Renal Transplantation
    Dr. Dechu Puliyanda, United States
  • P6.24 Prevalence of nocturnal hypertension in pediatric kidney transplant patients using 2022 ABPM guidelines
    Dr. Ruchi Gupta Mahajan, United States

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