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Edward K. Geissler, Germany

Surgery/Experimental Surgery
University of Regensburg

Edward Geissler is a scientist at the University of Regensburg working in different areas spanning the field of Transplantation including basic immunology and tolerance, solid organ transplantation, immunosuppressive therapies and post-transplant malignancy. He has focussed on the understanding and prevention of immunologic rejection of transplanted organs and on novel, as well as conventional, immunosuppressive therapies to prevent transplant rejection. He also has an interest in post-transplant development of cancer, and has made a strong translational research effort through molecular targeting to reduce the threat of malignancies in transplant recipients. In another effort to reduce the burden of immunosuppressive drugs, he is leading an initiative to introduce cellular therapy in transplant recipients. Transfer of new ideas from the basic research lab to the transplant recipient is a central theme of his work.

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